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Show Some Love Family Night

February 13, 2011

The Show Some Love Family Night is an interactive night as a family that will build the concept of expressing through words and, more importantly, show in actions our love for one another. Just as God put His love into action for us, we should demonstrate our love for others in word and deed. This family night is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family or at any time of the year to strengthen the bonds in your family.


  • Gym Setup (decor): Red, Hearts and more…you get the idea
  • Diet (food): Go all out with a fancy dinner or how about a heart-shaped pizza. Fun dessert ideas, too.
  • Building Muscle (craft): Notes From the Heart
  • Cardio (games): Pick Up Hears
  • Strength Training (devotion): I John 3:16, 18 “Show Love”

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Football Family Night

January 25, 2011

Celebrate the great traditions, pageantry, excitement & camaraderie of football with a Football Family Night. The sport of football is a great sport to talk about teamwork and being a dependable “teammate” in the family. Just as football teams have goals for each season, families have goals, too. Ultimately, we want our family to team together to be a championship unit, that wins (and even loses) together!


  • Gym Setup (decor): Your favorite’s team gear around the house and dress up
  • Diet (food): Mini Football Subs, Nachos, and Football Brownies
  • Building Muscle (craft): DIY Flags for Flag Football
  • Cardio (games): Flag Football or Table-top Paper Football
  • Strength Training (devotion): Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 “Two Are Better Than One”

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Backwards Family Night

September 4, 2010

Backwards Family Night is a simple but sure to be memorable night of fun and faith for your family. The setup and food might not be as elborate as other family nights but the memories and conversations with be lasting. Through some easy twists to a normal family meal, games and other activities, you will be setup to have a conversation around one of Christ’s most compelling and important teachings.


  • Gym Setup (Decor): wear your clothes backwards, eat under the table and more.
  • Diet (Food): Take some of your basic or favorite family meals and put a backwards twist on them.
  • Building Muscle (Craft/Activity): Feet Painting
  • Cardio (Games): Backwards Limbo, Name That Tune, Field Games
  • Strength Training (Devotion): Mark 9:35, “Last is First”

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DIY Family Night

August 27, 2010

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Family Night is a fun opportunity to create, build and let your family time be outside the box. From food to crafts, everyone in the family will have the chance to use their hands and fashion some fun projects. Then, as a family can take time to look at how God desires to fashion us into an amazing creation for his purposes.


  • Gym Setup (Decor): find items around the house, construction/crafty stuff and go wild!
  • Diet (Food): Individual Pizzas, Hoagies, Fondue…some real fun happening here.
  • Building Muscle (Craft/Activity): Clay Necklaces
  • Cardio (Games): DIY Game, see how creative the kiddos can be by either coming up with their own game or putting a twist on an old one
  • Strength Training (Devotion): Jeremiah 18:1- 6, “God’s Improvement Project”

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Back to School Family Night

August 10, 2010

With a little bit of planning you can have an incredible evening with your family, full of fun as you strengthen your child’s faith. Beginning a new school year is a perfect time to gather as a family, have some laughs and set goals for the coming year. As you celebrate another grade, take a few minutes to get organized and prioritize those things that are most important for your family.


  • Gym Setup (Decor): Pull out the bags of school supplies and have some fun decorating & more.
  • Diet (Food): Pack a Lunch, Edible Crayons, and other ideas.
  • Building Muscle (Craft/Activity): Morning Chore Chart
  • Cardio (Games): School Yard Games…our favorite, Four Square; or some Show & Tell
  • Strength Training (Devotion): Key Passages—Hebrews 13:17, Titus 3:1. Big Idea: Encouraging your children to Obey & Serve the teachers God has chosen for them this year.

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As always, let us know what works for you and what ideas you have so others can have a great night growing their family strong.

Luau Family Night

July 26, 2010

Luau Family Night is a fun, outdoor, laid-back experience spent enjoying some of the best things about summer and the Hawaiian islands. You will share good food, some fun activities and great conversation about true beauty. Through the activities and spiritual conversation, you have the opportunity to lay a foundation for your family to seek true inner beauty that pleases the Lord and provides for a great future.

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Superhero Family Night

June 18, 2010

Family Muscle is excited to release our Superhero Family Night for you to develop little heroes.

With a little bit of planning you can have an incredible evening with your family full of fun as you strengthen your child’s faith. We all have heroes and the idea of being heroic is inspiring for kids and adults. With Superhero Family Night, you will have an inspiring time as you challenge your entire family to be heroic for God.

Be sure to comment and share how your Superhero Family Night went and your own ideas for other families.

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