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June 11, 2010




June 11, 2010

Welcome to Family Muscle. We are thrilled that you have joined the conversation of how to create fun, meaningful experiences that make your family strong.

As we all know, we are pressed for time into today’s culture. So, we began to wonder what would happen if we actually challenged that pressure by setting aside some intentional time for the family. With a little planning and preparation along with some help from Family Muscle, you can create some experiences that will create lasting memories, stronger relationships and opportunities to dialogue in your family about values and faith.

At Family Muscle, we love our family, believe in family and want to help your family be strong. Our vision is to help families be intentional, strong, passionate and fun. We live that out first by sharing Family Nights that we create from our own family. We hope to give you a hand in making family nights happen by doing some of the organization, planning and preparation for you. But, we don’t want the conversation just to be Family Muscle providing a few resources. We want you to jump into the dialogue: tell us what worked for you and what didn’t, add your ideas and more.

We also will be sharing articles, resources and insights on our blog that will be more opportunities to make our family strong. So, please send a message and say hello. Let us know how we can help or partner together for a strong family!