Backwards Family Night

September 4, 2010

Backwards Family Night is a simple but sure to be memorable night of fun and faith for your family. The setup and food might not be as elborate as other family nights but the memories and conversations with be lasting. Through some easy twists to a normal family meal, games and other activities, you will be setup to have a conversation around one of Christ’s most compelling and important teachings.


  • Gym Setup (Decor): wear your clothes backwards, eat under the table and more.
  • Diet (Food): Take some of your basic or favorite family meals and put a backwards twist on them.
  • Building Muscle (Craft/Activity): Feet Painting
  • Cardio (Games): Backwards Limbo, Name That Tune, Field Games
  • Strength Training (Devotion): Mark 9:35, “Last is First”

Download your copy of Backwards Family Night (PDF)

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