Family Night Shopping Tips

July 24, 2010

Some of our best family nights have come out of ideas created around items found on clearance or the dollar store.  Every good family night needs a starting point and often that begins with items found on sale or at your local discount store. For instance, a fondue pot, found at Goodwill became the inspirations for our Do It Yourself or DIY Night! Here are some tips for shopping for your themed family night.

  1. Always be on the lookout for items you can use for family night: I often have family nights in the back of my mind when I am shopping around town.  Be on the lookout for crafts, supplies or games that can help you create a memorable evening with your family.
  2. Shop off season or after season sales: You don’t want to bust your budget creating elaborate family nights, so be diligent in finding items on sale for your decor or to create a theme.  After Easter sales often have baskets shaped like sports balls or after Valentine’s Day has heart shaped plates that you can use for the next year. Think ahead and be willing to store items for you family night.
  3. Take your time: Have a list of possible family nights and plan one based on what is on sale or what you find on clearance. Your menu can easily be created around seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well, meats that are on sale. Being flexible and planning ahead gives you the opportunity to have a great family night without breaking your wallet.
  4. Save Your Items and Reuse: It is important to begin a stockpile of items that you can use for multiple family nights. For example, when you see plastic popcorn holders, which are 4 for $1, they are a perfect addition to your movie night. They can also be used for a carnival night or a baseball night. By investing in items that have multiple uses, you save in the long run, while still creating a fun night!
  5. Shop Your House: Use items you already own and incorporate them into your menu or your decor. You can use construction or scrapbook paper to create place-mat and centerpieces. They could also be a vase filled with flowers. For a sports themed night, bring in the basketball and footballs that will create a cute centerpiece. Then, take them outside to use in your games.
  6. Borrow from friends: Coordinate your family nights and share with your friends. You can buy luau themed glasses and share them with your friend.  Be on the look out for items your friends may have that they are willing to share with you.

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