Why Themed Family Nights

June 18, 2010

Family Nights are not new! Generations of families have taken the time to focus on being together and having fun.  For some families, this is centered around food.  For others, it is around a certain activity, like board games or a movie.  Themed family nights take it to the next level! Each family night is focused on a certain theme and all aspects of the evening tie into theme, from food, games, crafts and a devotional.  Choosing to have a theme allows you, as a parent to be intentional in teaching a character trait or a specific Truth from God’s Word, in a way that is fun, engaging and memorable. It allows the experience to become a key aspect of conveying what is being taught in Scripture.  They also create a fun night that is different and exciting for kids.  Themed nights also expose your kids to new things and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

We began having themed family nights 18 months ago, as a way to be strategic and focused in spending time as a family, having fun and teaching God’s Word in a fresh way.  We knew they required planning and thought, communication and a willingness to go the extra mile.  We have had good nights, and even some stressful ones, but we have created an environment in our home that has our children eager for time together as a family. They absolutely love family night. They are worth it!

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