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Superhero Family Night

June 18, 2010

Family Muscle is excited to release our Superhero Family Night for you to develop little heroes.

With a little bit of planning you can have an incredible evening with your family full of fun as you strengthen your child’s faith. We all have heroes and the idea of being heroic is inspiring for kids and adults. With Superhero Family Night, you will have an inspiring time as you challenge your entire family to be heroic for God.

Be sure to comment and share how your Superhero Family Night went and your own ideas for other families.

Download Superhero Family Night

Welcome to Family Muscle, a site designed to help you strengthen your family through intentional, fun, focused nights set around a theme and God’s Word.

Planning Your Family Night

Family Nights take place across the world every night. Sitting around a dinner table talking, watching a movie, playing games, riding bikes or reading books are all great ways to connect, as a family, at the end of the day. In the busyness of life, we can often forget to take the time to be intentional and focused on developing the faith of our children. Our desire is there, so we often fall back on what comes natural and is easy. Family Muscle is designed to help you take a night, centered around a theme and a devotional, to focus on your family, build memories and teach Scripture.

Here are some easy steps to begin having a family night:

  1. Set a goal of how many family nights you want to have a month:Taking the time once a week to disconnect from the world and engage your family is essential is developing a strong foundation of trust and faith. Not every family night has to be planned to the minute! We encourage you to look at your schedules and set a goal for how many family nights you would like to have a month. We suggest at least 2 a month.
  2. Pick a night:
    Having a set night each week to have a family night gives everyone something to look forward to, as well as giving you a night that will become sacred for your family.  Putting family nights on the calendar makes planning smoother and gives you a chance to create anticipation for your children.
  3. Pick a Theme: Choosing a theme is the easy part! You can base if off of the season of the year, a holiday, what you have on hand, or even what you find on sale at a store.  We had a Luau night after finding décor at a local dollar store. Always be on the lookout for what can be easily used for a family night!
  4. Read over the Themed Family Night guide.  We have made it easy by giving you all you need for planning a family night, from the menu to the devotional! Read over what supplies you need and what Scripture you will be using in your devotional.  This will help ease the stress on family night and allow you to focus on enjoying the night.
  5. Enjoy your family! Being intentional in your family night requires some extra work, some planning and with that sometimes stress! Remember that it is about being with your family, connecting with each other over food, fun and focusing on a truth from Scripture.

Why Themed Family Nights

June 18, 2010

Family Nights are not new! Generations of families have taken the time to focus on being together and having fun.  For some families, this is centered around food.  For others, it is around a certain activity, like board games or a movie.  Themed family nights take it to the next level! Each family night is focused on a certain theme and all aspects of the evening tie into theme, from food, games, crafts and a devotional.  Choosing to have a theme allows you, as a parent to be intentional in teaching a character trait or a specific Truth from God’s Word, in a way that is fun, engaging and memorable. It allows the experience to become a key aspect of conveying what is being taught in Scripture.  They also create a fun night that is different and exciting for kids.  Themed nights also expose your kids to new things and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

We began having themed family nights 18 months ago, as a way to be strategic and focused in spending time as a family, having fun and teaching God’s Word in a fresh way.  We knew they required planning and thought, communication and a willingness to go the extra mile.  We have had good nights, and even some stressful ones, but we have created an environment in our home that has our children eager for time together as a family. They absolutely love family night. They are worth it!


June 11, 2010




June 11, 2010

Welcome to Family Muscle. We are thrilled that you have joined the conversation of how to create fun, meaningful experiences that make your family strong.

As we all know, we are pressed for time into today’s culture. So, we began to wonder what would happen if we actually challenged that pressure by setting aside some intentional time for the family. With a little planning and preparation along with some help from Family Muscle, you can create some experiences that will create lasting memories, stronger relationships and opportunities to dialogue in your family about values and faith.

At Family Muscle, we love our family, believe in family and want to help your family be strong. Our vision is to help families be intentional, strong, passionate and fun. We live that out first by sharing Family Nights that we create from our own family. We hope to give you a hand in making family nights happen by doing some of the organization, planning and preparation for you. But, we don’t want the conversation just to be Family Muscle providing a few resources. We want you to jump into the dialogue: tell us what worked for you and what didn’t, add your ideas and more.

We also will be sharing articles, resources and insights on our blog that will be more opportunities to make our family strong. So, please send a message and say hello. Let us know how we can help or partner together for a strong family!